Newspaper Article

Apala G. Egan is a freelance reporter doing an article about three or so artists in Los Altos that she found in the Silicon Valley Open Studios catalog.   She wanted to know information for beginning artists.  So, I told her about the Los Altos Art Club and Art Ventures, and what kind of papers, brushes, and paints I think are good.
She wanted 2 or 3 of my painting images for her story which will appear in several local newspapers.  I sent her:  Vineyard, Barn with Blue Chicken, and Small Tulips.


Gallery House Holiday Show 2020

My art for this exhibit is:

  1. Allied Arts Simple Tree 14 wide x 14.5 h 
  2. Artifacts 18 wide x 22h 
  3. Cook Forest Stream 14  wide x 14.5 h 
  4. Yellow Path 5 wide x 14.5 h  
  5. Patrick Dougherty Sticks 22 w x 18h
  6. Poke Berries 19 wide x 16.5 h 
  7. Small Wisteria 14.5 wide x 12.5 h 
  8. Spiky Trees 20 wide x 16.5 
  9. Stick Tree Lighter 12.5 wide x10.5 h 
  10. Wisteria Wood 21.5 wide x 27.5 h

Gallery House “Fall in Place” Show

GH October & November 2020 “Fall in Place.”  The gallery has gone touchless!  This means that all artworks have QR codes, so you can easily find out more information about each piece, and you can also purchase art through the gallery website:
My pieces these two months will be in the cafe.
Cliff Dwellings 
Allied Arts Blossoming Tree  
Bailey Island, Maine
Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine

Gallery House Aug-Sept Show 2020

Gallery House has gone to a new way of hanging.  Each artist will have six feet of space to fill as they wish.  And, we will hang and change our own spaces during this Covid time and probably beyond.  No reception.  My art pieces will be:

  1. Greek Bougainvillea
  2. Broccoli Trees and Geese
  3. Greek Monastery
  4. Red Cabin in the Woods
  5. Lilacs II
  6. Treehouse
  7. Tulips #2 


Silicon Valley Open Studios 2019

Every year I do Silicon Valley Open Studios (SVOS) with several other artists.  The entire organization is very large, covering many towns and several counties.
This year I showed 20 paintings as well as matted works of various sizes, scarves, the I’d Spied a Crocodile book, greeting cards, etc.  It’s a fun, outdoor show and a lot of friends drop by.